We specialize in providing RFID based solutions for wider range of applications. Whether it is asset, inventory or process tracking we provide both RFID hardware and software solutions for businesses to achieve higher visibility and maximum accuracy.

Ready to use

RFID tracking solutions that are ready to use within a few hours of configuration covering a wide range of business processes such as supply chain, manufacturing, and asset management

Secure and reliable

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Customize & Integrate

Get our existing solutions customized to match your exact business requirement and/or integrate with your existing ERP or business management software.

Easy To Use

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Daily Reports

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What we do

We design, develop and implement customized RFID based tracking solutions to capture the critical data your business relies on; allowing higher efficiency and accuracy while eliminating the mistakes made by manual data entry.

Having the correct RFID tag, reader, and antenna is crucial for the efficiency, accuracy, and success of any RFID application. Our experienced engineers creates solutions to bring the perfect balance of performance, reliability and cost efficiency that your business needs to be autonomous.

Our cloud based RFID software is a full scale ERP that can address all RFID tracking applications in supply-chain, manufacturing, and retail spaces with a wide-range of business management tools. It’s easy to use, agile, powerful, and affordable.

Our experienced team of engineers is here to help you throughout, starting from the planning stage of your RFID implementation. Requesting support is always a click or a call away.

OCTO SaaS - RFID tracking cloud software

Our ready made RFID Cloud Software can be configured and implemented within a few days. With over 25 modules, we have RFID solutions for the requirements of most businesses.

  • Warehouse and supply-chain management
  • Production and WIP tracking
  • Retail sales
  • Asset management
  • After-sales services and warranty
  • Integrate with SAP B1 or your in-house ERP

RFID Consulting for your in-house project and feasibility study

Not sure whether RFID is the correct solution for your problem? Not sure how to implement? Or want to save time and money on your in-house RFID implementation project?

Our highly experienced engineers brings in valuable insights and approaches to make your RFID project a success.

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